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🗾 Finally seent a Kurasawa movie... (shouts to Con B.)

It was rad - Throne of Blood is a retelling of Macbeth in feudal Japan. All the players were pretty solid, but the woman playing the Lady Macbeth analogue stood out, especially in the scene at the end where she's having visions of the regicides blood staining her hands. Also watched The Devil and Daniel Webster - based on one of my favorite ever short stories of the same name by Stephen Vincent Benét (I read it as part of this collection). The dude who plays the mephistopholes aka Scratch character, Walter Huston, is the father of John Huston, an iconic director I mostly associate with with Roman Polanski's Chinatown, where he played the creepy rich dude. Anyway, Walter Huston is great as the devil character and the guy playing 'ol Dan'l Webster is good as well. Oh I forgot the best quote from the Kurasawa movie (the witch character addressing the Macbeth character)... "If you choose ambition, lord, then choose it honestly, with cruelty."