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⚽ Chelsea vs Watford

I've been watching just a terrific amount of soccer games lately, last nights being Valencia vs. Granada (although I leant on the remote in the 65th minute and was too lazy to put it back on) and Chelsea vs Watford. In the latter game, Pulisic earned the London side a penalty for the second game running - the last one being against another at-risk-for-relegation team - Villa. I didn't know much about Granada CF and I guess I still don't - but they played well in the ~60 min I watched, and had the game level at 1-1 when I botched up the viewing. Two players familiar to fans of some other London clubs might recognize Rob Soldado of Granada (ex-Spurs) & Gabrielle Paulista of Valencia (ex-Arsenal). Carlos Fernandes of Granada impressed and took a nice penalty. Also watched Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao but that game wasn't too exciting - can't even recall who earned the pen that got Real the winning goal (finished 1-0), but Sergio Ramos dispatched it nicely. I'm gonna put on Villareal vs Barcelona from today at some point - Barca are now 7 points behind Real with a game in hand.